Located 12 km from Cavaillon , between Maubec and Menerbes , Oppède le Vieux remains one of the high points of the medieval period. This small village perched on a spur of the Petit Luberon is a must-see of your trip.

It is in the twelfth century that the old walled city was born. Castle and walls provide protection for residents. But throughout centuries, in order to be closer to the communication lanes, inhabitants settled down below the walled city. They build suburbs on the outskirts of the city and settled in the plain. Between the seventeenth and nineteenth century the castle gradually fell into disuse and the old town is deserted.

It was only after World War II that Oppède found some of its life back.

Constantly being restored, the old village has preserved its architectural heritage.

The collegiate church, Notre-Dame de Dalidon (XVIth) , also called Notre Dame des Douleurs,  is a landmark . Perched on the top of the hill, it offers a breathtaking view of the plain and Mont Ventoux. Public and private funds allow a high quality restoration.


You can enjoy the annual festival of Oppède early August. This humor and music festival attract big crowds, and funds are intended to restore the Collegiate.

Besides, do not miss the “Terrasses paysagères de Sainte Cécile”.  Restored in 1991 these terraces offer a multitude of flowers , trees and shrubs of the area. If you arrive by car this is on your way from the mandatory parking down town.

Oppède it’s also “la Place de la Croix” and its terraces for a drink or a meal, cobblestone streets, porchs, chapels and great hiking trails. That make it an ideal holiday destination

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